Day 13 – Mark 4: 1-20

We live in an age where efficiency and productiveness are pursued with vigour.  It’s right, of course, that we should not want to be wasteful with our precious resources.  But does this apply also to our working out of the gospel in our lives: our mission to the communities around us?  Worry too much about Read more about Day 13 – Mark 4: 1-20[…]

Week 2 – A Story Worth Sharing…

In December 2016, a 29-year-old man was murdered. He had been an alcoholic since his teens. One day I had a conversation with him and he said he would be a Christian but he was too embarrassed. So I ask myself: “What is it we Christians do that is so un-cool or toe-curling to non-Christians?” Read more about Week 2 – A Story Worth Sharing…[…]

Day 9 – John 3: 1-21

Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. As a leading Pharisee, he wouldn’t want anyone to know that he was associating with the controversial travelling preacher and so he brought his questions under cover of darkness. When I first began to train as a Methodist minister over forty years ago, my father was not pleased. He Read more about Day 9 – John 3: 1-21[…]

Week 2 – Which Bible passages help me to share my beliefs?

An Invitation to stillness “Deep calls to deep” – Psalm 42 Contemplation is a word that is not used regularly in Methodist worship and practice.  A common interpretation of Luke 10.38-42 is that Mary is the contemplative and Martha is the activist.  We Methodists are activists aren’t we?  Yet, the word ‘contemplation’ is explicitly about Read more about Week 2 – Which Bible passages help me to share my beliefs?[…]