Week 5 – A Story Worth Sharing…

“Would you lead Bible Study on Friday at 5pm?” I was asked at short notice near the end of a busy week of preparing courses, writing devotional material and teaching adults. It is hard for me in French and Creole but I reluctantly agreed. Arriving 15 minutes early, 50 people were already present, all under Read more about Week 5 – A Story Worth Sharing…[…]

Day 30 – Luke 11: 33-36

‘To know Christ and make Him known.’ That’s the aim of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women. For something like twenty-five years I’ve had close involvement with, first, Women’s Network and now Methodist Women in Britain. This is the British Unit of the World Federation and so I keep that aim close Read more about Day 30 – Luke 11: 33-36[…]

Week 5 – How Does My Faith Show In My Everyday Life?

An Invitation to stillness   “Let Your good Spirit lead me” (Psalm 143: 10)   We are the people of God We are called to be his disciples We are empowered by the Holy Spirit We are the Body of Christ The Lord our God has given to us his word Then we can learn from Read more about Week 5 – How Does My Faith Show In My Everyday Life?[…]