Week 4 – What Is My Faith Story

An Invitation to stillness


“I meditate on the works of Your hands” (Psalm 143: 5)


For you Jesus Christ came into the world;
For you He lived and showed God’s love;
For you He suffered death on the cross;
For you He triumphed over death,
Rising to newness of life.
For you He prays at God’s right hand:
All this for you
Before you could know anything of it.

Methodist Worship Book


How shall I pray to God – my God, my Lord?
It seems strange to ask him to come into my heart
After all, he is the God who made the heavens and the earth
And the Bible tells me that even they cannot contain him
So how can my small heart invite him in?
And yet we also read that you are present in all things, Lord
Without you, nothing that is can exist
You “fill all things” every place, high or low
Heaven and the grave
Light and darkness
The “uttermost parts of the sea”
Nothing exists without you
Nothing can exclude you
I can pray truly that my heart
Where you already have a foothold
May receive more and more of you.

Augustine of Hippo


“I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ…. And this is my prayer that your love may overflow more and more”.  St. Paul in Philippians 1: 6 & 9


I felt my heart strangely warmed
I felt I did trust in Christ
Christ alone for salvation
An assurance was given me
That he had taken away my sins
Even mine.

John Wesley