Week 6 – Why Do I Share My Faith?

An Invitation to stillness


“How Precious to Me Are Your Thoughts O God” (Psalm 139: 17)


The invitation is given to every human being
To enter into the stream of divine love
Or at least to venture a big toe
Into the river of eternal life
As we let go of our false self
We move into this stream of love
That is always flowing
And bestowing endless gifts of grace
The more we receive
The more we can give
And as we give
We open up space
To receive still more

Thomas Keating


However long we live
We could never wish
For a better friend than God
Who even in this life
Grants us a far greater peace
Than we are able to desire

Teresa of Avila


O that the world may taste and see
The riches of his grace
The arms of love that compass me
Would all mankind embrace

Charles Wesley


Grant Lord
Your help and protection
For those afflicted – deliverance
For those deprived of their rights – pity
For those fallen into sin – rescue
For those who know they need you – a sight of yourself
For those who are ill – healing
For those who are wandering – a safe journey home
Let all the people of the world know
That you alone are God
That Jesus is your son
And that we are your children

Clement of Rome