Week 7 – Who Should I Share Jesus With?

An Invitation to stillness


I Will Tell You What the Lord has Done for Me” (Psalm 66: 16)


God loves you
Is present in you
Lives in you
Dwells in you
Calls you
Saves you

Thomas Merton


No mere creature can ever imagine
Just how dearly, sweetly and tenderly
Our creator loves us
So with his grace and aid
Let us spiritually rest in contemplation
Forever marvelling
At the high, surpassing, single-minded
Immeasurable love
That our good Lord extends to us
Doing so, we can dare ask our lover
For whatever we wish
Because our wills naturally seek only God

Julian of Norwich


When you are in love,
Lovers say,
The whole world
Speaks of the one you love.
It is hard to think of anything else.
Your heart overflows.
When you speak
It is hard not to speak of him.
And when you are silent
You daydream about her.

So too, those who love God
Are never weary of thinking of him,
Living for him,
Yearning for him,
And talking of him.
To them the whole world
Speaks in a silent language of love,
Exciting them
To thoughts of the one they love –
Exciting us, if we listen
To thoughts of the one we love –
Firing an insatiable yearning
To be in his presence.

Speak, then,
When you are spoken to.
Do not be embarrassed
To acknowledge
That everywhere and always
You hear the voice of the one you love.

Francis de Sales