Day 43 – John 17: 6-19

As we look now towards the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we read about Jesus praying as He prepares for the end of His earthly ministry and for His return to God’s presence.  This is a time of transition.

In His prayer Jesus thanks God for giving Him the disciples.  He asks that they be kept safe in the truth of His word, as Jesus had kept them safe in teaching and showing them God’s way, and He prays for them.  He has confidence in the disciples who accepted His ministry and obeyed God.  He prays that they may have the joy of belonging completely to God and His truth.

We too can face times of transition, times to move on and leave loved ones and colleagues behind to carry on the work of God.  We can be sad to be called elsewhere, or excited, mostly a mixture of both.  Sometimes it is a much-loved leader who is moving on, and we know that the task is ours to complete.

Jesus prays for protection so that we may be one, as we hold on to each other in all circumstances, not letting the world’s hostility divide us.

So as we face the upheavals of change, it is good that we pray for each other, giving thanks to God for giving us each other, and praying for the future and our part in God’s mission.


We pray that we may together belong to the truth and remain steadfast in believing as we continue God’s mission in the world.


by Diane Coleman
Castle Eden Circuit
Local Preacher