Day 47 – Acts 20: 17-24

In 1987 I came to the U.K. to work as a chef. My family also came here to join me in December 1990. I usually worship at Newcastle Chinese Church on Sunday. This church is now thriving but it was not always that way.  Back in the year 2002 we met Rev. David Foo. David encouraged our small group of 7 that we might seek to build up a church at Jesmond. At that time I became the treasurer of the church. In January 2010 we moved to worship at Brunswick Church. During this time our expenses increased a lot. Some of the members wondered if we would be able to afford to continue. We give thanks to God for our opportunity to grow up at Brunswick. Now we have 60 members, our works are Sunday School, Chinese Class, Maths Class and Bible Studies. And also work for Students.

As times went by, my retirement age came up. I stepped down as treasurer in May 2015. A young sister in Christ replaced me as the treasurer of the church. Someone suggested me to join the Church Council at the coming election on January 2018. I was thinking for two weeks. I agreed and was elected.

In the bible Acts 20: 17-24, Paul knew what to do. He followed Jesus’ work. He did this work even during the hard times. He obeyed to the Holy Spirit and went to Jerusalem. Even though didn’t know what was going to happen to him just that the Holy Spirit had warned him that prisons and troubles wait for him. He was going forward. He knew his mission. He needed to finish it.

Once I thought that my retirement age was coming up. I was wrong, There is no retirement age when it comes to serving God. God gives us a chance to serve. It is a Life Time Mission.


Thanks be to God for our church and its mission in the centre of Newcastle.


by Tit Chi YIP
Newcastle Central & East Circuit
Chinese Congregation