Week 1 – How was I called?

An Invitation to Stillness

“Be still and know that I am God”Psalm 46: 10


At the beginning of each week during these Great 50 Days there is a page which invites you to take time to be still with God.

What does this stillness have to do with mission?  Everything!

The mission is God’s.  We are participants to the extent that we are in tune and in step with the One who gives us our very being.  Stilling ourselves in the presence of the Holy One helps us.  This is a grace-filled practice in which, over time, we become increasingly aware of the God who always is.  As we take time to dwell in perfect love then we know our fears cast out (1 John 4.18).  As we commune with the God of freedom and forgiveness we are enabled to surrender our guilt.  As we rest in the silence of the one who saves and heals we are empowered to let go of our false selves and discover the beauty of who we really are.  This shines out from us.  The God of mission living in us shines out from our lives.


We hear the Lord calling to us
And promising us His peace,
Even when we are still caught up
In the pleasures and vanities of this world.
But so desirous is our Lord
That we should seek Him
And enjoy the peace of His company
That in one way or another
He never ceases calling to us.
This faithful lover never gives up on us.
(Teresa of Avila)

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